Replace or refund?

During the holidays I ordered several items from QVC. Strangely, two items were not received- one to my home address while I was on vacation and the other to my post office box.

I called QVC’s customer service number. An automated voice identified all my recent orders by the date shipped and the date delivered. Because I did not receive two items, I pressed zero to speak with a customer service representative. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long to speak with a human being .

I explained to the customer service representative that I received all items except two. I explained the items were shipped to two different addresses. I even explained how the local post office had become a bit sloppy; mail for the post office box next to mine had been misplaced in my box.

The customer service representative was not interested in my explanations, just wanted to know: replace or refund<strong?

I requested a replacement of the Pilates machine and a refund of the other item.

Happy to report the replacement Pilates machine arrived this am before 10:00. Now I can work on achieving one of my New Year’s resolutions 🙂


Pharmacy with banker’s hours

Am waiting to pick up a prescription I dropped off yesterday before 2:00 pm. Already annoyed that this pharmacy , part of a grocery store, doesn’t open until. 9:00 am. More annoyed the prescription was not ready upon arrival.

Now have received. Can return to work.

Unexpected reward – Amazon Gift Cards

In a previous post I mentioned my credit union had a Tech Expo to encourage members to receive monthly statements online , to use bill pay, to bank online and to use mobile banking. At that time I noted using all services except mobile banking.

Last month my credit union had another Tech Expo . By this point I had dumped my Android & purchased an iPhone 5. I was ready to register for mobile banking. I also inquired but was disappointed to learn mobile banking is not available for my business account.

I have to say my credit union is rather classy. The staff had bottles of water, cookies and breakfast bars for members to enjoy . I registered for the chance to win an iPad (since more than a month has elapsed , I guess I didn’t win). But what was most unexpected for signing up for mobile banking & some minor modification to my business account: two $5 Amazon Gift Cards. Very classy indeed 🙂

Guided by a Financial Angel?

Have you ever felt you had an angel watching over you or even guiding you when it comes to financial matters? Sometimes I feel the financial angel guiding me.

Yesterday morning there was a knock at my door. When I opened the door, there stood a guy with a shovel in his hand ? “Do you need your sidewalk shoveled?” I replied “no thank you .” Of course I did need the sidewalk shoveled.

About 20 minutes later the pest control rep stopped by for season pest control. After he finished the seasonal service , he offered to shovel my sidewalk. I couldn’t believe his kind offer. After he shoveled , I showered him with holiday candy, chips & water. Thanks financial angel.

Then there was another recent moment. Since becoming a mom, I can’t do all of the activities I enjoyed prior to my son ‘s arrival. One of my hobbies is tracing my family tree. Over the years this hobby, genealogy, has become a tad expensive. Although I had set aside money to renew subscriptions to two genealogical publications, I began to think, should I? I had set aside $45 for one publication and $65 for another. Well last week I had an eye appointment. Total cost = $110. Guess who didn’t renew those subscriptions? 🙂 Once again my financial angel guided me to a wise financial decision.

No cash, no Target

Darn it. Wanted to buy a few items at Target. Opened my wallet, limited cash.

Won’t use credit or debit card at Target at this time.

Just a reminder that cash is king!

Lugging pennies

Question : how do deliver $24.50 worth of wrapped pennies to your credit union? Answer: of course in your carry on luggage with wheels!

Yes I know everyone looked at me wondering, “who is this weirdo?” Don’t mind such thoughts as I work hard to eliminate debt.

And a shout out to my brother who gave me the pennies. Thanks!

The Money Heifer with Calf

My life dramatically changed in the late summer of 2013.  I became a mom.  I have adopted an infant boy.  

This significant life event obviously curtailed my free time.  The result – a significant drop in posts on this blog.

But The Money Heifer has returned.  I will resume blogging about money matters.  Of course, you can now expect money related child care matters.

Right now the money flows for the purchase of diapers, formula, baby water, baby wipes, clothing and day care.  

It is wonderful life.

Wishing everyone a healthy and financially stable 2014 🙂