Guided by a Financial Angel?

Have you ever felt you had an angel watching over you or even guiding you when it comes to financial matters? Sometimes I feel the financial angel guiding me.

Yesterday morning there was a knock at my door. When I opened the door, there stood a guy with a shovel in his hand ? “Do you need your sidewalk shoveled?” I replied “no thank you .” Of course I did need the sidewalk shoveled.

About 20 minutes later the pest control rep stopped by for season pest control. After he finished the seasonal service , he offered to shovel my sidewalk. I couldn’t believe his kind offer. After he shoveled , I showered him with holiday candy, chips & water. Thanks financial angel.

Then there was another recent moment. Since becoming a mom, I can’t do all of the activities I enjoyed prior to my son ‘s arrival. One of my hobbies is tracing my family tree. Over the years this hobby, genealogy, has become a tad expensive. Although I had set aside money to renew subscriptions to two genealogical publications, I began to think, should I? I had set aside $45 for one publication and $65 for another. Well last week I had an eye appointment. Total cost = $110. Guess who didn’t renew those subscriptions? 🙂 Once again my financial angel guided me to a wise financial decision.


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