Replace or refund?

During the holidays I ordered several items from QVC. Strangely, two items were not received- one to my home address while I was on vacation and the other to my post office box.

I called QVC’s customer service number. An automated voice identified all my recent orders by the date shipped and the date delivered. Because I did not receive two items, I pressed zero to speak with a customer service representative. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long to speak with a human being .

I explained to the customer service representative that I received all items except two. I explained the items were shipped to two different addresses. I even explained how the local post office had become a bit sloppy; mail for the post office box next to mine had been misplaced in my box.

The customer service representative was not interested in my explanations, just wanted to know: replace or refund<strong?

I requested a replacement of the Pilates machine and a refund of the other item.

Happy to report the replacement Pilates machine arrived this am before 10:00. Now I can work on achieving one of my New Year’s resolutions 🙂


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