A no brainier: change the rate

There are so many things I didn’t consider important before becoming a Mom but in hindsight are crucial. One of those items is my smartphone.

With a little one it is harder to speak on a traditional telephone by holding the receiver to one’s ear. But thank goodness for my smartphone with hands free and speaker options.

Well you can imagine, if I am talking more via the smartphone, I may incur additional charges. Bingo! Pre-baby I consistently operated within my plan for talk (450 minutes). But post-baby I began to exceed those minutes. I then used up allmy free minutes I had built up. This past month I incurred an additional charge of $19.00 for exceeding my minutes.

My solution to this financial headache? Change my rate pain. For an additional $20.00/month I receive an additional 450 minutes of talk. Done in less than a minute. A no brainier!


Beyond just doing her job

This evening I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few items. Having selected the items I needed , I headed to checkout. I first stood in one line. Then I noticed a shorter line and quickly relocated to that line . The cashier looked familiar; I recalled she worked at the Queens Chapel Giant before it closed.

When the cashier finished ringing up the customer in front of me, she ask the customer, “do you want a free six pack of Coke ? You are entitled to it .” That peeked my interest . The cashier then looked at me and said, “do you also want a free 6 pack of soda.” I
replied , “sure , why not .” The cashier then left the cash register and returned less than a minute later with two 6 packs of soda: Coke &
Fanta Orange. The cashier explained the special this week; if you spend $25 or more on groceries , you are entitled to a free. 6 pack of soda. I was not aware of this deal.

After I paid for my groceries, I thank the cashier. I remarked that not all employees would have taken
the time to ensure we received the deal. And she smiled.

Unexpected gift for volunteer activity

For the past three years I have been the editor of a newsletter based in South Carolina ( yes technology makes this possible even though I live in the District of Columbia ). I had not had any previous experience as an editor when I assumed this position.

Today I received in the mail a $200 check for “the wonderful job” I did as editor. Completely unexpected but much appreciated.

Follow-up: Replace or refund?

In a previous post I discussed ordering items from QVC, one sent to my home. & one sent to my post office box. Strangely neither item was received. I called QVC requesting a replacement of the exercise equipment and a refund for the other item shipped to my post office box.

Well a week after that post I visited the post office and learned there was a package for me. It was the missing QVC order! Apparently personnel at the post office mixed up the box numbers (which I suspected). The renter of the other box apparently. realized, upon opening the box, that the merchandise was not something he /she ordered and returned the box, with the contents inside unopened in individual boxes, to the post office.

Yes, my faith in humanity has been restored!! And I notified QVC & requested QVC to recharge me for the merchandise.

I love a happy ending.

At the grocery store on SuperBowl Sunday

Not a smart move, but couldn’t be avoided. Waiting in line to purchase items. Got to fix appetizers for party tonight.

Of course there is a delay in self checkout 😦