A no brainier: change the rate

There are so many things I didn’t consider important before becoming a Mom but in hindsight are crucial. One of those items is my smartphone.

With a little one it is harder to speak on a traditional telephone by holding the receiver to one’s ear. But thank goodness for my smartphone with hands free and speaker options.

Well you can imagine, if I am talking more via the smartphone, I may incur additional charges. Bingo! Pre-baby I consistently operated within my plan for talk (450 minutes). But post-baby I began to exceed those minutes. I then used up allmy free minutes I had built up. This past month I incurred an additional charge of $19.00 for exceeding my minutes.

My solution to this financial headache? Change my rate pain. For an additional $20.00/month I receive an additional 450 minutes of talk. Done in less than a minute. A no brainier!


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