Disappearance of the 100 watt crystal clear fluorescent light bulb

I can’t find 100 watt crystal clear light bulbs anymore. I am not a fan of soft white because it does not illuminate as well. So I have resigned myself to purchasing 60 watt crystal clear light bulbs.

Yesterday I went to Home Depot to purchase light bulbs. No 60 watt crystal clear light bulbs on the shelf. Completely sold out! How annoying. I guess there are other consumers like me who want that crystal clear illumination.

I had no choice but to purchase 40 watt crystal clear light bulbs. Bummer.

This has now motivated me to search online for 100 watt crystal clear light bulbs. Unfortunately Home Depot and Lowe’s no longer carry what I need.



Thank God for YouTube

My son will turn 8 months old in two days. I realized the other day that I need to adjust the shoulder straps. First, I guess, like a guy 🙂 I attempted to adjust the straps without consulting the manual. Not a smart move. So I turned to the manual. It brought to my attention connecting straps on the back of the car seat but it still wasn’t quite clear to me how to adjust the straps.

Then I had a light bulb moment : YouTube.

Of course I have the YouTube app on my smartphone, so I searched for “how to adjust shoulder strap on baby car seat” and the first result demonstrated adjusting a Graco car seat (the same manufacturer of my son’s car seat).

After watching for about 75 seconds, I realized what I needed to do. I stopped the video and adjusted the straps. Then I placed my son in the car seat. Perfect. And he is definitely more comfortable.

IMHO, manufacturers should provide a link to a video (showing all parts , step by step assembling, etc.) in addition to the instruction manual. It is easier to follow visually . {BTW, had no problems assembling my son’s high chair by following written instructions.}

Thank God for YouTube!!!

$2 now, $5 upon completing survey

Received in the mail today a survey from Arbitron, a media ratings leader since 1949 . The 2nd and 3rd paragraphs state,

Your household, along with a few other households in your area, has been randomly selected to participate in this important research study. The enclosed $2 is our way of saying thank you for considering our request.

Please take just a few minutes to complete the short survey and then return it to us in the stamped envelope we have provided. Because we appreciate your time, we will send you another $5 in cash once we receive your completed survey./blockquote>

Needless to say, I promptly completed the short survey. Will mail tomorrow. 🙂

I must resist, I must resist

After feeding & burning my 7 month old, turned on the tv to QVC. Wow, a leather purse at half price.


Great price but don’t need another purse, even though I don ‘t have this color. I must resist, I must resist.

Unexpected health care coverage

Received a letter in the mail today which begins

You are receiving this letter because our records show that you have not yet enrolled with the Department of a Veterans Affairs (VA) for your health care and you may be eligible. We also wanted to provide you information about VA health care benefits and the Affordable Care Act, also known as the health care law.

Yes , I served in the U.S. Air Force for seven years but I don’t think of myself as a “veteran” especially when it comes to benefits.

Second, since I am a federal government employee, I already have health insurance.

Third, I’m surprised to receive such a letter. Had no clue I would be eligible for health insurance coverage through
the VA.

Indeed, one does learn something new each day 🙂

Not just fish on Fridays during Lent

We have options other than fish . Here’s a suggestion, Amy’s Roasted Vegetable No Cheese Pizza.


As always you must know where to shop. This pizza costs $7.49at the Giant in Greenbelt but only $6.19 at My Organic Market in College Park.

Say “No” to Yes! Organic Market

We in the Washington DC area are fortunate to have choices in organic markets. Of course we have that well known place , Whole Paycheck, oops, Whole Foods. Then we have locally owned organic markets: My Organic Market (M.O.M) and Yes! Organic Market.

I have been a loyal M.O.M customer for many years. But the closest M.O.M is in College Park , Maryland. In contrast there are two Yes! Organic Markets closer to my home: one in Brookland and the other in Hyattsville. Last Sunday my 7 month old son and I paid a visit to the Yes! Organic Market in Hyattsville.

As I perused the aisle, I thought I was at Whole Foods based on the prices. For instance my son is eating an organic brand of rice cereal.


Yes! charges $4.39 for this cereal, whereas M.O.M charges $3.79 (btw, the same price as the Giant in Greenbelt.)

In another aisle I saw a favorite drink for this time of year when I fast on Fridays during Lent.


Yes! charges $1.99 per bottle while M.O.M charges $1.79.

No good values at Yes! I left the store and drove to M.O.M.

The price of convenience

One ounce of Utz plain potato chips at grocery store = 35 cents. That same bag of chips from vending machine at work =85 cents.

Note to self: buy bags from grocery store only 🙂

Overcharging for shoveling snow

We in the Washington DC area are tired of the snow. It’s March 3rd and who expected snow this late, a few weeks before the long awaited arrival of Spring?

I promised myself after the previous snowstorm that I would pay someone to shovel my sidewalks. So I was happy when the door bell rang. I opened the door and there were two young men with shovels in their hands. I asked how much do you charge? The guy closest to me said $15 from the porch to the sideway. I couldn’t believe they would charge such an outrageous rate . My sidewalks needed to be shoveled.j LPG

I was inspired to shovel myself, which I did