Say “No” to Yes! Organic Market

We in the Washington DC area are fortunate to have choices in organic markets. Of course we have that well known place , Whole Paycheck, oops, Whole Foods. Then we have locally owned organic markets: My Organic Market (M.O.M) and Yes! Organic Market.

I have been a loyal M.O.M customer for many years. But the closest M.O.M is in College Park , Maryland. In contrast there are two Yes! Organic Markets closer to my home: one in Brookland and the other in Hyattsville. Last Sunday my 7 month old son and I paid a visit to the Yes! Organic Market in Hyattsville.

As I perused the aisle, I thought I was at Whole Foods based on the prices. For instance my son is eating an organic brand of rice cereal.


Yes! charges $4.39 for this cereal, whereas M.O.M charges $3.79 (btw, the same price as the Giant in Greenbelt.)

In another aisle I saw a favorite drink for this time of year when I fast on Fridays during Lent.


Yes! charges $1.99 per bottle while M.O.M charges $1.79.

No good values at Yes! I left the store and drove to M.O.M.


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